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How often should my office be cleaned?

May 18

Having your office cleaned improves the health of everyone who comes in, as well as the function of the office itself. In order to keep your workers happy, your visitors impressed, you should consider hiring a janitorial company to come in and clean your building.

There are many things to consider when you are hiring a Cleaning company. One of those things is how often to have the janitorial company comes out. 

Is this a Shared Office Space?

Are you the only one using this office? How many employees do you have? Do employees tend to move around in the office, or are they stay at their desks? These questions are all things to consider when you are putting together a bid for office cleaning services. If your office is stationary with few employees, you may not need to have daily office cleaning services.

If, however, you have many employees that are walking around regularly, your floors and surfaces will need to be cleaned more frequently, especially in rainy or otherwise inclement weather. If you share the office space with other people, it becomes even more important to get your space cleaned more frequently. Most schools, medical clinics, and factories require daily cleaning to keep surfaces disinfected and employees healthy.

How Large is Your Facility?

No matter how many or how few employees you have, if you are working out of a large building, it will take more time for a cleaning company to get all of the floors and surfaces cleaned. The janitors at Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial are trained to sweep and mop or vacuum all floors, wipe down all counters and high-touch surfaces such as phones and light switches, and to empty every trash in the building. Our janitors also deep-clean every bathroom, wiping everything from the bowels to the bases of the toilets as well as cleaning mirrors, emptying trash, and refilling paper towel dispensers. 

If your building is very large, it takes more time to get all of these tasks done. This could mean that a weekly clean simply isn’t enough to produce the desired effects for your employees and guests. Thankfully, most janitorial companies are happy to offer bi-weekly or daily cleaning, and Altius Janitorial is no different.

Do Customers Regularly Visit Your Office?

It’s one thing to have an office that is clean enough for your employees, but if you have regular visitors that come to your building, then you want your office to looks its best all of the time. If you have regular visitors, you want to ensure that the common areas are exceptionally clean. This means that the lobby, bathroom, and other frequently visited places will get extra attention to ensure that visitors leave your office with a positive impression of your business.

If you have regular visitors, it is highly recommended that you do daily cleanings in your office, and you can also hire Altius Janitorial to perform twice daily cleans of your bathrooms, keeping guests feeling refreshed and in good health.

So, How Often Should I have my Office Cleaned?

As you can see, the answer varies depending on many factors, but while most small offices can get away with a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, it is important that your large or frequently visited office have a daily clean. At Altius Office Cleaning and Janitorial, we have the staff, the knowledge, and the equipment to serve all of your cleaning needs. You can find out more about Office Cleaning Boise or visit us at