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5 Falsehoods of Window Tint

Aug 21

Every season brings extreme temperatures, which can lead to fluctuations in your energy bill. Your HVAC unit works overtime. You might be surprised to learn that your HVAC unit can keep the heat out of the summer and the heat in the fall.

Window tinting can make your energy bills go away.

Window tint blocks harmful infrared light from entering your house. While there are many great benefits to tinting, some myths can keep people from investing. Five common myths around window tint have been dispelled to increase awareness.

The 5 Myths of Window Tint

Window tint can cause damage or cracks to either Low-E or Dual Pane glass.

False. False.

You must use the correct type and type of film for your glass type to prevent thermal stress damage. Our glass compatibility charts are used by our highly qualified consultants to determine which tint is most effective for each type.

Low-E glass is not compatible with window tints because they already reflect infrared heat.

False. False. If you apply the proper window tint to Low E glass, you can almost double your infrared rejection effectiveness.

Low-E glasses allow you to use lighter, clearer films which help maintain visibility while simultaneously reducing glare.

Because all window tints are identical, it is best to just purchase a low-cost brand.

False. The best way to select a window tint is not to simply choose the one that costs the least. You need to find the right balance between price, heat, and visibility.

A professional consultant in window tinting can help you find the perfect balance. Professional consultants are familiar with the differences in window tint technologies and can help choose between Dual Reflective Technologies or Ceramic Nano Technologies.

So, what is the moral of this debunked mythology? Window tint isn't one-size fits all.

My window warranty will not be honored if window tint is installed.

True. Mostly. Although this myth holds some merit, it is not the most reliable.

Window tint installation is a common way for glass manufacturers to void warranties. The good news is: The good news is that the voided warranty typically applies only to the glass and not to the entire window.

You are correct; however, we have a solution. Ask your consultant about whether the warranty can also be extended for the glass.

A window tint that comes with a lifetime warranty is guaranteed to last.

False. The quality of a lifetime product guarantee depends on who is providing it. Window tint warranties cannot be provided by the manufacturer. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer, but it's the installer who's responsible.

What does that mean for your guaranteed lifetime warranty. It could pose a risk for you, as the consumer. You could be liable if the installer isn't a manufacturer employee.

This issue can be avoided by window tint companies who directly employ qualified installers. These are the benefits. The employer requires that installers undergo background checks and drug screenings. They are also covered by our Worker's Compensation and Corporate General Liability Insurances.


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